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Tooth sensitivity

Some foods are just perfect for some specific times. For example a hot coffee for the morning and ice cold drinks for the sunny days. The teeth can however have some conditions that may prevent you from enjoying these fantastic times. Tooth sensitivity starts by mild effects that you can struggle with to take such foods but with time, it becomes almost impossible because of the increased pain and sensitiveness. You need to see a dentist as fast as possible once you discover tooth sensitivity at early stages.  When a patient begins to experience discomfort, it is time to begin searching for the best dentist in Rancho Cucamonga.

Causes of teeth sensitivity

The structure of the tooth consists of the outer hard covering enamel and a softer inner part called dentin. By various conditions, the enamel can wear off because it is the one directly exposed to bacteria activity. Poor oral health contributes to bacteria growth and action leading to situations such as gum disease, cavities and tooth decay. By either way, after the enamel wears of, the dentin is exposed to the general mouth conditions. Since it is not made to handle these sensations, you must experience some changes in terms of sensitivity. The dentin also has blood vessels and nerves because it contains leaving tissues. Pain can be experienced as a result with increased sensitivity.

Aggressive brushing can also cause gum recession exposing the dentin just like the cavities do. This will make the dentin accessible to bacterial action by the formation of plaques and tartar. Other foods we take contain acids that may contribute to dissolving the enamel.


Enamel is a non-living part of the tooth and hence cannot regenerate. After they enamel is gone it is gone for good and it is irreversible. This means that there is no natural cure for enamel loss unless the artificial materials are used. The best way left is to prevent the enamel loss to the maximum. This is by preventing any damage that may occur to the enamel either chemically or mechanically.

Good oral hygiene can hence go a long way to prevent tooth sensitivity. This is by brushing in a careful way without doing it aggressively. An electronic toothbrush will do this better by incorporating a circular pattern when cleaning the teeth. You should also avoid too much acidic beverages and foods in your diet. When they are there, make sure you rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. Teeth grinding and clenching should also be avoided. Dental checkups regularly will also help you to discover the causatives of tooth sensitivity at early stages.


It is hard to avoid tooth sensitivity even with a lot of effort. It is however not over after it happens. Dentists have ways to control this and hence you should visit them. The different situations will call for different treatment plans. These include using special toothpastes that will block the nerve sensitivity after sometime of regular using. Other treatments are also available including surgical operations for serious cases.